The Frick Collection - The West Gallery

Lighting Designer: Anita Jorgensen Lighting Design

Date: November, 2010

Fixtures used: Custom Track mounted MRLUX

Description: The West Gallery was planned from the start as an imposing setting for a major portion of the Collection, recalling the gallery of Hertford House (home of the Wallace Collection), those of English country houses, and ultimately the royal salons of the Renaissance and Baroque periods. By 1913 Mr. Frick’s collection had grown so large that it required such a picture gallery; neither of his other residences, “Clayton” in Pittsburgh and his summer home, “Eagle Rock” at Pride’s Crossing, Massachusetts, provided such space, although his temporary residence in New York at 640 Fifth Avenue had. The grand scale of the West Gallery (96 x 33 feet) has permitted a fascinating juxtaposition of works of art in the manner Mr. Frick preferred.